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Yesterday I didn't do much. Basically hung around the house till around six. Went out with the family to eat, then we went to Media Play. That was good though cause I got a Fall Out Boy cd. <33 We came home and I listened to my cd, sat at my computer, and then read some more of Pay It Forward. It's an okay book I suppose. I think reading that other one will just suck though..

Anyways, went to church this morning. Messed around outside with Josh and Joe afterward. 'Messed around' meaning laughed at them trying to skateboard and falling down. Funny stuff, that is. *nod* Then we went out to eat with everyone else from church like we always do. We went to Los Arcos and made fun of the mexican music on tv in there. And Josh was making fun of our waiter and I think the dude heard him. It was funny though.

While everyone else was finishing eating, me, Josh, Joe, and Brooke walked over to Toys R Us cause we were bored. It was actually kinda fun. Me and Josh got on this scooter and this bike and were chasing Brooke and Joe around. At least until some Toys R Us dude caught us and made us stop. But that was funny cause he got all mad at us. Then mom showed up and we had to leave.

When we got home, I got on the computer. Nothing to do though. I think Lexis disappeared. She hasn't been on all day. That's extremely not like her. She's probably just been busy or something and I can definately understand that, I just hope nothing's wrong.

Since I had nothing else to do, I went outside and sat on the front porch and worked on my Pay It Forward shit for a long time. I think I'm on like.. chapter twenty or twenty-one now. I still gotta get that other one. While I was out there, my cousin Brittany called and told me that Relient K were gonna be at some Wal-Mart in Charlotte on Tuesday, signing autographs and stuff. We both wanna go but we're not sure if we'll be able to get a ride. I hope we do. It'll be really cool if we get to see them.

Oh yeah, Jen called today. Driver's Ed starts August 8th, I think she said. Ugggghhhh. What fun.
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