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Happy birthday to me! Happy birthday to me! Yeah, it's my birthday. I'm 15 now, whoot! Too bad I had driver's ed on my birthday. But oh well. Jen got me the new Fall Out Boy cd and it rocks. Thank you muchly, Jenny. <33 After driver's ed, dad took me to Media Play. I saw Emily and Karen there. =) And I also got a really sexy Green Day calendar. Well, dad got it for me. <3

When we got home, I got to drive Dad's truck. I thought it would be hard to drive but it really wasn't. I wish I had my permit already. But tomorrow's the last day of boring driver's ed, so that's good.

I played Tony Hawk's Underground 2 with Brooke for a little while before we went out to eat for my birthday. Sadly, I get no more parties. Anyway, we went to Chili's and I got embarassed by the people singing and stuff. I got ice cream though! And our waiter, I think his name was Bryan, told me happy birthday like five times.

After we ate we went to Books A Million and I got some magazine with Billie Joe in it. <3 Then we went home and here I am.

I do not want to read Les Miserables. I really do not want to. Pay It Forward was good, I actually really enjoyed reading it but Les Miserables looks stupid. Blech. Stupid Eccles. Ruining the last bit of my summer. I already do not like her. Has anyone read it yet?
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