alexa (all_busted_up) wrote,

Well right now I'm at Jen's house.. Her birthday was yesterday and me, Emmy, and Karen all spent the night. It was fun. And Jen got a laptop. I want a laptop. xD The only real present I got for my birthday was a cd from Jen. Everyone else gave me money((I'm not saying I don't like money though.. =D)) So yeah.. And we played some of the games from Whose Line Is It Anyway? That was amusing. Especially the question game.

Last night we went for a walk around Jen's neighborhood at like nine something. It was fun. We sat down on the road and played with an invisible ball. *nod* When we got back to her house, we sat there listening to music for a long time, trying to think of something to do. We finally played rumy after Emmy and Karen taught me and Jen how to play it. It was fun, even though I lost every time. xD

I think I ended up falling asleep somewhere around one in the morning. I don't even know when everyone else fell asleep, though I'm pretty sure it was later than I did. This morning we woke up and didn't really do anything. Before too long, Emmy had to leave to go to Hendersonville(sp?). We ate biscuits and still didn't really do anything. And right now Karen and Jen are both asleep. So yeah..
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