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Okay.. Right now I am sitting here in Computer Apps, being completely and totally bored.. Mr. Entas is blabbing on about something I'm not paying attention to, but I can tell you that it most likely very boring. Thank God this is the last class of the day. I'm ready to go home.. Hm.. and I have a quiz tomorrow in here, he just said. Yay.

Today was boring. Nothing happened. Nothing ever happens. School is evil and it should die. *nod* Well I think I'm gonna go now because I have nothing else to say and if I kept going, you'd be extremely bored reading all my rambling.


Okay I am back. And Karen just threw a balled up piece of paper at me. Little pooper. xD I think I should throw it back at her. *throws it back* How rude. She threw it back at me again. *throws it at her again* GR. She threw it back. Oh wait. Mr. Entas just said we could get on the internet! I'm already on it, but yay! xD *throws paper at Karen*

YAY! I got into my email. xD And now I am playing Dirty Little Secret. <33 And Mr. Entas thinks livejournal is neat. Ha.. that's kinda funny..
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