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Well I'm bored so I thought I'd update.. I'm at my grandparents' house cause my parents went to the beach for the weekend. Uhm.. last night I didn't do anything. School was boring as usual. I talked to John a lot in fourth. He's cool. Thanks for introducing me to him, Karen. =) And on the way out, Steven stopped me and talked to me. Then we went to my house so me and my sister could get our stuff. I think Logan was sad that I was leaving. She meowed at me all pitifully when I left her in my room. Poor kitty.

And I'm really getting into Finch now. They're awesome. I love their song Letters To You. It's so good. I think I've listened to it about a million times over the past few days. I need their cds.. And if anyone doesn't know who Finch is, look them up and listen to them! That is an order! You won't regret it.

Later today is Jason's birthday party.. Jason is my cousin's step son. And my older sister Jaren is coming by here later tonight, so yay! I haven't seen her in a while. I never thought I'd say it, but I actually miss her. And I wanna talk to her. Mom said she used to like Green Day.. I wonder if she still does. xD Hm.. I wonder if Shane is coming with her too. I hope so.. he's cool. Tomorrow Jaren's going to some concert thing, Nanny said. I wanna go. Hmph.

Well I think I'm gonna go get a shower and stuff now.. So bye, I guess.
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