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i'm actually updating. it's hard to believe isn't it? i know. i haven't been on here in ages. but.. i really don't have anything else to do at the moment so i thought "why not?" anywayssss..

last night i spent the night at brittany's and the night before that she spent the night with me. and now she's spending the night with me again. haven't done much these past couple of days. i've just been hanging out with brooke and brittany. we went to the park today at her house, but we didn't stay very long. it was cold outside. we played the game life. i lost but i still had fun. brooke won because she landed on all the "baby" spots and had like five or six kids and she got that many little life cards that were all worth like 250,000 dollars.

and apparently mikey and i are getting married. the wedding is on march 29th. everyone is invited because they just are. mikey will be wearing a very hot pink tux and i'll be in a neon blue dress. the wedding will be held in the ashbrook gym. there will be lots of little black children like brooke playing basketball. we're even getting burger king to cater for us.
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