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this will most likely be boring.

yeeeeah. i never update this thing. oh well.

anyway, my spring break is going pretty good. i haven't really done all that much, but being out of school is always nice. we went and picked up emma and she stayed over thursday and friday night. that was fun. anytime emma comes it's fun. we're so stupid, it's funny. but we had like.. a movie marathon thingy or something. we watched like eight movies. haha.

i had a good easter. i had to get up really early though because we had a sunrise service. but it was cool because the service was at josh and joe's house instead of the church since their dad is the preacher and everything. but yeah. we had to be there at six thirty, so i had to get up at five, which was not very easy, mind you. i have a hard enough time getting up for school everyday.

during the service, which was outside, we dragged the hammock over to where all the chairs were set up. me, josh, joe, brooke, and jessica all piled on the hammock. and everytime one us moved, it would squeak really loud. i think we may have disturbed the preaching with our giggles. hehe. when it was over and we were all trying to get off the thing, we about got flipped over. people laughed at us. oh well. it was pretty funny, after all.

then we went inside and ate breakfast and stuff and then it was off to joe's room. we watched home movies, including the really corny "horror" movie josh, joe, brooke and i made a while ago. it's so stupid it's hilarious. and then we watched the video of when jessica wrecked her dirtbike and flew over the handlebars. that looked like it hurt really bad. poor jessica. at least she was okay and everything. and theeennn we watched videos from when josh and joe were like two years old. they were so adorable! there was one were they were standing in the living room in their diapers singing songs. it was so cute! and then there was one were they played train which was also adorable. i think they were the cutest little boys ever. hehe! =]

me and brooke ended up spending the night over there. we went down to the creek in the woods behind their house and we saw some frogs doing it. that was pretty funny. i spent the night with jen on monday and i went to that time out youth thingy with her. that was... interesting. it was pretty cool though. there was this pretty cute guy there. too bad he's gay. haha.

AND NOW I'M BORED. but josh and joe are spending the night tomorrow so yaaaaay! i'm happy about that. and tomorrow is mikey's birthday! so yaaaay for that too! tomorrow also happens to be my parents' anniversary so yaaaaay for them.

told you this was going to be boring! =]
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