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typical, i know.

yeah, yeah, yeah. i know i'm never on lj. oh well. i feel like updating right now, don't know why, but i do. maybe i'll make an effort to actually update more than once every five months. ha. no guarantees.

16th birthday was on friday. happy birthday to me. i've had better birthdays. we'll just leave it at that, shall we?

last night brooke, brittany, and me stayed up until like two in the morning playing sims 2. gay sims are funny.

today was fun. after church, we ate at hillbilly's [which was gross]. josh played nintendogs, which he's horrible at. he uses a different voice every time he says something. jessica and i decided that we wanted to be work buddies and try and get a job at the same place. sooo, after we ate, we all went to petsmart and jessica, brooke, and i followed around the pretty boy brandon who works there. maybe me and jess will get to work with him. next, we walked to books a million. we asked, but you have to be eighteen to work there. came home. put in applications for petsmart and best buy. we'll see how that works out.

i have a youtube account now.
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